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Amelia Cerling

A great wedding photographer was really important for me; however I didn't have a huge budget -- Ali's portfolio caught my eye and so we met up to see if she clicked with my fiance and I. 

Ali was so friendly and easy to talk to right off the bat. Our first photography session together was an engagement session which we did at a few different locations; around Lake Nokomis, Minnehaha Falls and at a warehouse location near Bauhaus Brewing -- all in Minneapolis, MN.

Ali made us feel comfortable and kept us laughing the entire 3-hour session. My fiance even said he had fun -- and he had not been looking forward to it :)

Finally, our wedding came in September of 2015 and it took place on a rural farm in Southeast Minnesota called Dream Acres. Ali had a plethora of amazing suggestions from barn doors to taking shots underneath my veil and even indulged all of my sunset running through an empty hay field suggestions! Ali calls the sunset time 'Golden Hour' -- and she is magnificent at capturing this lovely time of day.

All of the photos from our wedding day were GORGEOUS! She captured our wedding day like I pictured it in my dreams. I'd had a ton of compliments about my wedding photos as well. The only tough choice is what to frame because there are so many good choices!

I really believe Ali is one of the best -- she takes truly stunning photos and is so laid back and easy to work with; I'd recommend her to anyone!

"Ali Kvidt is nothing short of remarkable. I know that's a big claim but having worked with a few photographer's over the past few years, I have a huge appreciation for how Ali runs her business. Not only is she professional and talented, but she also has a knack for bringing out the best in people. She has been such an inspiration to me and I could not sing her praises enough. She is timely & informative and also offers great direction. She has this natural ability to understand a wide variety of emotions and capture exactly that image. And to top it all off, she is adventurous... which is a huge plus and has guaranteed me amazing photographs that have advanced my modeling. You will feel comfortable, you will feel informed, and you will have incredible, timeless pictures. I would recommended her to anyone."

-Jenessa A. 

"Working with Ali Kvidt was a ton of fun. She's very funny, incredibly professional, and shockingly quick at what she does. We are very pleased with the final product, and will definitely be contacting her again."

-Jillian J.

"Working with Ali is always a joy! Her personality and goofy comments are just what you need to get that smile everyone wants for their pictures. I wasn't sure what to expect after our shoot at the state fair, but they were fun and gorgeous and I LOVE the way she edits! Can't wait for the wedding photos!!!!!"

-Jenna Z.

"I've had the opportunity to shoot with Ali many times and every time I see the photos, I'm blown away by her work!! She's an amazing photographer who is passionate about giving her clients exactly what they are looking for. I would recommend her to anyone looking for incredible images, whether that's creating beautiful senior pictures or capturing a first dance at a wedding."                                                         

  -Haley O.

"Very professional, kind, great at directing her models for the optimum look. Amazing person to work with!"

-Margarita S. 

"Ali was more than amazing to work with. Her ideas are so original and she is so involved in the whole process. I loved how adventurous she was. She was also very patient when it came to my little one. It was a honor working with her and hoping to do more with her in the future!"

-Macy R.

Osama + Subee

Our wedding was this past September, 2015. Ali photographed 2 days/events of our traditional Indian wedding. The way she was able to capture all of the bold colors and movement was perfection. Her ability to make you feel as if you were right back in that moment is priceless. 

Ali was not only professional and punctual, she very much became part of my emotional support system; as a bride, this can mean everything. Bonding very well with the makeup artist and videographers, she made part of a seamless team. Ali took time prior to the events to make sure she properly understood traditional details and intricacies of our culture. 

Invoicing and payment were also very well documented and detailed. There were absolutely no hidden fees or surprises. 

We cannot thank Ali enough for all of her hard work and artistry.

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